Why Foster?

If you have landed on this page, we know you already have a huge heart.  Fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences for dog lovers.  We can't pretend that emotions are not involved.  They very much are.  The one thing we hear the most is "I couldn't foster because I wouldn't be able to give them up".  We understand that feeling.  We try our very best to make fostering a wonderful experience for you, your foster dog and their adoptive family by encouraging fosters and adopters to build a lasting relationship.  Dont Bully My Breed fosters are a part of our adoption process and we wouldn't have it any other way.  When you see those first few photos of them in their forever home, you can't help but smile with pride and it makes it all worth it.  

As Dont Bully My Breed fosters, all vetting and equipment are supplied.  Advice, guidance, training and complete support are also part of fostering for us.  You become a Dont Bully My Breed family member.  

As a 100% foster based rescue, we rely solely on fosters to open their home in order to save another deserving life.  Please consider opening your heart and home and help us save a dog in need.  

Ready to become a foster home and help us save lives?!


Blue was surrendered to the city shelter with a horrible skin & yeast infection that was neglected for years. Then he caught an upper respiratory infection & became urgent. He is alive & thriving today because his foster parents opened their heart & home to him  


Buddha was found tied to a tree and living in a recycling bin. He ended up at the city shelter and became a safe humane chicago dog. thanks to his fosters, He now enjoys A plush life in his forever home